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Chemistry Is Key  

Our Membership is on referral basis only - either via one of our members, Lifestyle Ambassadors, partners or friends of White Obsession.  

We have the right attitude and our members do too.

Becoming a White Obsession member is a privilege with many exclusive benefits and we offer a number of tailored Membership options.

Boasting precious connections and a unique approach, we pride ourselves to provide access to an authentic Ibiza experience. We love Ibiza and its magical energy.

Revealing and sharing the treasures of the island and its unique vibe is very special to us and therefore, we make it our priority to establish first, if there is the right Chemistry between White Obsession and a potential client before granting a new Membership.  

All new Membership applications are individually screened following a meeting in person or via telephone.  

We may, on occasion, accept applications outside of our referral scheme, however please note that there is a strict screening process in order to allow us to protect our unique brand service promise.

Referrals enjoy the privilege of preference while we provide access to the luxury of Ibiza.

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